Traditional Goats
Traditional Goats


All kids are raised on CAE prevention.  


ALL doelings and breeding quality bucklings are sold with registration.  Wethers are available as well.  No bucklings are sold unless they are breeding quality, all others are wethered.  No exceptions. 


Kid Rearing:


All kids are pulled at birth. 

They are given 1 1/2 cc Calf Guard before they get their first bottle of colostrum.  They are given 2 cc of oral Bargaurd after colostrum.  They also get 3 cc of Bovi-Seri sub-cut.  

At one week they are disbudded, banded (if wethering), and tattooed.  

Three weeks they get their first coccidia treatment. 


Four weeks they get Once PMH and their CDT vaccine.

Six weeks they get Inforce 3


Eight weeks CDT booster


Eleven weeks Inforce 3 booster


They are weaned at 50#


Kids are fed pasteurized milk or milk replacer in multi-kid feeders.  They are allowed to eat as much milk as they like at each feeding, once they leave the feeder, milk is removed from the pen.  They are fed twice a day.  


Starting at week one, they are offered free choice grain and alfalfa hay.  


At weaning, they receive a copper bolus.  





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